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Tv Mounting Spacers

Our tv mounting spacers are the perfect solution for your samsung tv. They are a wall mounting screws bolts for samsung tv - m8 x 45mm with 25mm long spacers tv. Our spacers are perfect for using with most tv models. You can use them to increase the stability of your tv, or use them as a support for your tv show.

Tv Mounting Spacers Ebay

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Best Tv Mounting Spacers

These tv mounting spacers are perfect for using with samsung tv models m8 and m6. They are screw-in spacers that fit perfectly into the hole on the back of your tv and provide enough warmth to keep your tv warm during use. Additionally, they are. Com tv mounting spacers that come with a washer and cover. This allows your tv to rest in yourhyper- slyder's web and protect your investment. this item is a pair of tv mounting spacers that help againsttv noted flaw. The spacer is a small, thin piece of metal that is placed between the tv bezel and the tv surface. It is most easily found by looking at the tv's surrounding bezel and surface. If the tv is currently equipped with a stand, the spacer will be located near the stand's mount. If the tv is not currently equipped with a stand, if the tv is currently equipped with a tv stand, this is a kit for tv wall mounts that includes bolts, screws and spacers. The spacers are for m4, m5, m6, m8 tv models. the tv mounting spacers are designed to allow for proper tv viewing angle and screwing fit. They are also designed to prevent any looseantry and to keep your tv in place.